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Hospitality trends today are diverse with styles and functions. It's hard to realize how important commercial kitchen and laundry in hospitality is until you work in one that has been poorly designed and executed. Smart kitchen design and quality finishing creates an easier work area/flow; prevents unnecessary bottlenecks and interruptions, optimize running costs and giving chefs good feelings for their inspiration; so does same with laundry service.

Sunmen has spent years of watching how different kitchen and laundry systems and works to improve our designs/planning that enhance performance, efficiency and look. We care every corner to utilize maximum operations with minimal running cost for operators and clients.

The area programing, work flow, work economics, equipment selection are represented in the layout plan and give you an impression of your new kitchen and how it will work in reality. Typical, MEP, elevation drawings with clear indication and expression in design development will ensure effective coordination works to execute projects in good quality and timely.
Our experienced team will help create a customized plan that positions you for success.
We work with you to create your perfect and effective kitchen and laundry system, tailored to your needs, personality and style.

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