Sunmen - Combi Oven

Palux Touch 'n' Steam Combi Oven Electric Basic 2021 QL
Brand: Palux
Orgin: Germany
Order number: E202 QBRN TBUW00
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 1115 x 875 x 1925
Total connected load kW: 61,1
Voltage V/Hz: 400 V 3 N 50/60 Hz
Fuse A: 3x 100 A
Direct heat mission kW: 8,05
Latent heat mission kW: 12,08
Steam emission kg/h: 17,78
Range of temperature °C: 30 - 250
Kind of inserts GN: 2/1
Quantity of inserts: 20
Grate distance mm: 67
Banquet system plates (Ø 320mm/280mm): 80/102
Water drain Ø mm: 50
Water supply: 2x G 3/4 A KW/KWE


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