Sunmen - Robot Coupe Blender Mixer Blixer 2

- Lateral folds by belt reverse folds
- Cross fold combined with stacking by stack & fold
- Maximum length of the pieces 2400 mm
- Standard one stacker back to operator
- Optional up to four stacker in several executions
- Automatic discharging
- Special delivery and discharge conveyors available on request

Model: APD

- All lateral folds made by belt reverse folding
- Cross fold and stacking done by stack & fold
- Stop conveyor before stacking
- Fixed speed of 34 M/min
- Color frame work powder painted Grey RAL 7035
- Color paneling powder painted Blue RAL 5015
- Voltage 3 x 400V 50 cycles
- Control voltage 24V
- Safety according to CE regulations

The machine is available in several executions:
APD 1/1
The APD 1/1 is specially designed to fold several types of hospital dry-work items, such as: towels, kitchen-towels, bibs etc.
APD 3/1
With the APD 3/1 you can process a large amount of different kinds of dry-work, with dimensions up to 1200 x 2400mm.
The available folding patterns of the APD 3/1 SELECTIVE are the same as on the APD 3/1.
The difference is that this model can be executed with 2, 3 or 4 stackers for automatic sorting of different types of items by size.

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