Sunmen - Robot Coupe Blender Mixer Blixer 2

- Vapor Box is supplied as standard with one trouser finishing device and one form finisher for jackets, coats, dresses etc. Thanks to a very easy fitting system, the cabinet can be transformed and equipped with two trouser finishing devices or two form finishers.
- This will depend on the operator’s needs and the modifications can be carried out without any technical assistance.
The working cycle is automatic and can be adjusted by three timers.
- Vapor Box is supplied complete with all the necessary accessories for the finishing of trousers and of jackets and coats, as shown.
- Vapor Box is now available with a new easy-to-use computer control system. Capable of running up to nine fully automatic programs.

Model: VAPOR BOX “V”

(For connection to the central steam supply)

Voltage : 230V/400V/3/50-60 Hz 
Steam Inlet:  1/2”
Air inlet : Ø 1/4” 
Air working pressure* : 4 ÷ 5 bar 
Steam consumption : 16 ÷ 20 Kg/h 
Air consumption* : 6 l/h 
Fan motor :  1-1,5 HP 
Air outlet : Ø 140 mm 
Overall dimensions :  1080x1375x1850 mm 
Net weight : 180 Kg 
Gross weight (crate) :  248 Kg 
Packing dimensions : 1080x1190x2020 mm 
Volume :  2,61 m3 

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